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Working Toward
a Better Community

Created in 1992, the National Foundation for Abused and Neglected Children (NFANC®) is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the prevention of child abuse and neglect. Other activities include improving the administration of juvenile justice in the United States. The organization's principal mission is to enable people to prevent crime and build safer, more caring communities.

NFANC® produces and distributes various publications, program materials, posters, and informational and policy reports on a variety of crime prevention and community-building subjects. We conduct short courses, seminars, and workshops for judicial and administrative officials as well as for other non-profit organizations, all to help educate the community at all levels in gang awareness. In addition, we operate demonstration programs and take a leadership role in community crime prevention strategies and youth crime prevention. NFANC® accomplishes our work with the help of your tax-deductible financial contributions.

At NFANC®, we promote family, community wellness, and the personal successes of our youth. Today, as we try to understand the world around us, we see many causes for concern. Youth gangs are no longer the exclusive problem of large cities. Suburban areas are vulnerable to this problem, too. All of our neighboring communities are echoing the need for gang awareness. We feel a sense of urgency in understanding gangs and gang-involved youth.